Explore Your Home Planet After 200 Years

Return Home

As the planet collapsed, the traveler left home 200 years ago, seeking refuge on the new colonies.

While dreaming in cryo-sleep, he finds that the autopilot on the ship is returning home for repairs after encountering an error. Without enough cryogenic fluid for another sleep, he waits for the journey home to be complete.

In Return, you will explore your home continent that inhabited by vicious enemies and ancient bosses.

Explore Vast Landscapes

You will use a wide array of weapons and items to overcome dangerous combat encounters while exploring the continent.

As you explore the world, you will level up and unlock upgrades for your favorite weapons. You will encounter new friends and powerful bosses that stand in your way.

Shoot And Slash

In Return you are equipped with powerful weaponry that you will use to defeat enemies as you travel through the world. Weapons range from axes and swords to pistols and rifles.

Taking inspiration from Unworthy and The Eternal Castle Remastered led to the design of a highly stylized and responsive combat system.

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